Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

At Million Victories, we believe in the importance of social responsibility. Our actions and strategies integrate environmental, social, and ethical concerns.

Environmental Initiatives

Understanding and Action

  • Awareness and Education: Continuous employee training on environmental challenges through internal programs and external experts.
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment: Participation in carbon footprint training and the ongoing finalization of our first carbon assessment to prioritize action plans.
  • Sustainable Practices: Encouraging green transportation, using refurbished equipment for testing, and revamping our waste management system in our new office space.
Environmental Initiatives

Social Engagement

Quality of Life and Inclusion

  • Work-Life Quality Charter: Commitment to a participatory approach to improving Work-Life Quality (QVT), including regular surveys, facilitated exchanges, and inclusive celebrations.
  • Professional Development: Investing in employee training, encouraging knowledge exchange, and supporting skill development through various initiatives and meetings.
  • Health Initiatives: Conducting risk assessments and promoting preventive measures against workplace health risks, alongside activities like the non-smoking month and blood donation drives.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating diversity in our team, choosing inclusive service providers, and actively participating in initiatives to introduce video games to underprivileged children.
Social Engagement

Ethical Practices and Governance

Respect and Transparency

  • Core Values: Upholding respect for team members, players, and partners, with a charter of values in development to highlight exemplary behaviors.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal data through comprehensive policies and regular employee training.
  • Strategic Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication with employees and shareholders about our strategy and progress through regular updates and strategic presentations.
Ethical Practices and Governance






Flexible work schedule

🚀 Our life-work balance gets better! 🚀

We introduced a more flexible work schedule for our team. Today, after 3 months of trial, we’re thrilled to share the results: It’s a resounding success! 🎉

📅 Highlights of the experiment:
➡️ Employees enjoy flexible hours and 4.5-day workweeks to find the rhythm that fits their needs best without impacting their performance.
➡️ Positive feedback means we’re making this change permanent!

We’re confident that this change will sustain a positive impact on work-life balance, innovation, but also motivation and creativity. 🌟

🔥 We’re proud to be at the forefront of this change in the gaming industry, proving that flexibility leads to fantastic results.

Climate awareness workshops

Team Workshop! 💪

The team had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative climate fresc workshop. 🌍
It was the chance to get sensitized in a playful manner to the causes and consequences of climate change.
Some food for thought🌱 to come up with new, more sustainable ways to live and work in our industry!

A very enriching moment from which all could take insightful learnings! 🚀

Team Communication Workshops

The team spent a day taking part in a workshop on team communication.
This was the chance for us to be reminded of and learn various ways to ease communication within the company and in our everyday life.
This wonderful day was concluded at the restaurant around a nice pizza dinner 🍕

Progressing together and forging exciting worlds

This sentence, our mission, demonstrates on its own why we are committed to more sustainability:
Progressing only makes sense if we are together. 💪
Forging exciting worlds only makes sense if we take care of them. 🌱

Throughout the years, our endeavours have grown to include environmental initiatives, social engagements, and ethical practices. 🌿

If we still have a long journey ahead of us, we are proud to see that our first actions have been recognised by EcoVadis when assessing our efforts. 🏅
This ‘Committed” badge, acknowledging our good performance, will give us the confidence to move forward and work on getting even better. 🔝