Our history

Benoit Ducrest co-founded the studio with Celine Allary. His professional journey with gaming started early with Ubisoft; he then proceeded to kickstart 2 startups before launching a powerful accelerator program for entrepreners. Celine spent 15 years in large companies, as a trusted finance controller and she co-founded Buzzinbees, a startup that reached 5M€ annual revenue before a successful sale to Gemalto.

Today the company contends with the biggest names in the industry and aims to keep expanding to even higher heights.

Million Victories experienced team is backed by an international advisory board of gaming industry veterans.

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Our history

Our values


We create games that amaze players. We always wonder if we can’t do things differently by questioning the dominant assumptions to propose new and more effective approaches. And that’s what allowed us to release a very innovative game.


The biggest challenge for companies is human relations, so remembering how we view them seems key to us. At Million Victories, we respect team members above all else, valuing diversity, openness and individual contributions and  creating an environment of trust. We also respect our players by offering “play-to-win” games. Finally, we respect our external partners and the environment.


We want to impact the world and we have the audacity to dream big. We think big goals are what will take us far.

Our team

We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, as is evident in many facets of our organization.

For instance, our co-founding team includes a woman. Women represent a significant part of our total employees, a number that we are devoted to increasing further.

Our development studio serves as a vibrant blend of different nationalities and ethnicities. This diverse composition, coupled with the fact that our team members boast an average age of around 25 years old, is a cornerstone of our company’s strength, reflecting our firm belief and a matter of great pride.

Our team
Company milestones

20th August


Million Lords reaches 2 Million downloads

27th July


Million Lords' graphics update to 3D

6th March


$6.5 Million Fundraising

7th January


Million Lords reaches 1.5 Million downloads

22nd July


Million Lords reaches 1 Million downloads

13th July


Mr Beast Hosts Million Lords Tournament

1st May


Million Lords reaches 100k monthly players

16th November


$3 Million Fundraising

15th November


Million Lords reaches 500 000 Downloads

18th May


“Legendary Contest” - Million Lords' Esports Event

1st July


Million Lords reaches 300 000 Downloads

19th September


Million Lords's World Wide Launch

30th March


Million Lords' Tech Launch

15th November


Beta Launch Of Million Lords

30th August


Alpha Launch Of Million Lords

17th July


Creation Of Million Victories Studio