We set out to create challengingdynamic and competitive MMO games on mobile.

Our Game

Million Lords

Million Lords is a competitive mobile MMORTS game of a new genre: no timer, no resources to collect, everything is about conquest, fun and strategy. Choose your skills, play with your brotherhood and become the mighty ruler of the Three lands

Our Team

Million Victories is an independent game studio created in July 2017 and based in Lyon, France.
We are an ambitious studio breathing new life into the strategy genre with its first game, Million Lords, an innovative MMORTS on iOS and Android.

Our Story

Benoit Ducrest co-founded the studio with Celine Allary. His professional journey with gaming started early with Ubisoft; he then proceeded to kickstart 2 startups before launching a powerful accelerator program for entrepreneurs. Celine spent 15 years in large companies, as a trusted finance controller and she co-founded Buzzinbees, a startup that reached 5M€ annual revenue before a successful sale to Gemalto.

Today the company contends with the biggest names in the industry and aims to keep expanding to even higher heights.

Million Victories experienced team is backed by an international advisory board of gaming industry veterans.


July 27

2 Million Downloads

March 6

$6.5 Million Fundraising

January 7

1.5 Million downloads

July 22

1 Million downloads

July 13

Mr Beast Hosts Million Lords Tournament

May 1

100 000+ monthly players

November 16

$3 Million Fundraising

November 15

500 000 Downloads

May 18

“Legendary Contest” Million Lords Esports event

July 1

300 000 Downloads

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