Mr Beast pays 18k$ to players who managed to defeat him in Million Lords and tells us about it.

Mr Beast recently stumbled upon Million Lords and had such a good time he decided to host his own tournament in the game to see who could beat him at the game.


“I love this game, I love war games like this. And I want the best players to go against.

When I’m in Diamond league in a couple of seasons, I want to have a crazy season and pay the top players. I’m gonna give first place $10,000. Second place $5,000. And third place $3,000. That way, I have some real competition. Spread the word” says Mr Beast.


Competition has been fierce during that season and it’s with great pleasure that we at Million Victories supported him by making sure the game ran smoothly during the tournament.


Million Lords has been growing to new heights recently, illustrated by the interest some big names in the gaming industry like Mrbeast are showing in the game.

“We just hit the milestone of 1M downloads and have around 20k players playing the game everyday. We are proud to see that our creative vision and gameplay mechanisms are very engaging for players.”says Benoit Ducrest, CEO of Million Victories. 


On the 1st of August, the game’s next major update was released,  marking the end of season. So we now know if Jimmy was able to best our veteran players on the leaderboard.

The top 3 spots were snatched away by players, meaning 3 lucky players walked away with 10k$, 5K$ and 3k$, they can now boast they beat MrBeast and were the better players.


Jimmy (MrBeast) has sent payment to the 3 lucky winners (ECPL2009, Urdin, Spartan XD) who managed to best him and take the top spots of our leaderboard.


As a small independent studio, we at million victories are proud to see such things happen within our game.

Million Lords is a unique strategy game unlike what is done currently in the mobile strategy gaming industry. We wanted simple mechanics with deep strategic possibilities without any fluff.

We are proud to say there are no timers or micro-management hassles, emphasizing strategic superiority instead of financial advantage.


More about the game:

Million Lords is a real time online multiplayer strategy game available for free on Android and iOS. Million Lords is all about city conquest, warfare, kingdom empowerment and tactical alliances with others: 


  • Original RTS Gameplay: carry out real-time conquest operations on a immense PvP battleground
  • Online multiplayer war: team up with your clan to conquer the world, using military tactics during competitive seasons
  • League system: there are leagues for every kind of player. Advance your strategy and work your way up to reach the highest one!
  • RPG skill tree: choose between 10 talents to strengthen your Lord conquest power 
  • 100+ craftable equipment: gear up to adapt your strategy in real time.




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