Million Lords Hits 3 Million Downloads, Aims to Rival Rise of kingdoms

Celebrating success in a challenging environment thanks to a unique game and smart marketing strategy


Lyon, France – June 17th – Million Victories, the Eurazeo and Griffin Gaming Partners funded French developper, announces that its flagship game, Million Lords, has reached a notable milestone of 3 million downloads. This achievement marks a year of significant success, with the company experiencing record revenues since its upgrade to 3D last August. From now on, Million Victories plans to improve the game and accelerate marketing efforts to achieve even greater success.

Million Lords, which now boasts 3 million players, including YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, has seen remarkable growth, doubling its monthly revenue over the past six months. This success can be attributed to the game’s unique features and effective marketing strategies.

Million Lords offers a blend of simple, midcore, and seasonal full strategy gameplay without management or timers, making it accessible while providing deep strategic options. This approach appeals to a broad audience, offering numerous possibilities for engagement.

Million Lords consistently outperforms competitors in terms of player engagement and retention, with average playtime of 2 hours and a D28 retention rate that is twice as high as top strategy games in the genre.

The team at Million Victories has excelled in user acquisition thanks to innovative creative testing strategies, achieving a nearly 4:1 CAC to LTV ratio over 36 months. These successes have been realized despite the competitive and challenging market conditions. “A unique gaming experience combined with great marketing allows us to make a difference,” stated Benoit Ducrest, CEO of Million Victories “we probably have the best KPIs in all mobile core games right now”.

Looking forward, Million Victories aims to achieve even greater success through the following strategies: expanding marketing efforts to target new geographic regions, including the MENA and Asia markets, and launching the game on new platforms to reach a wider audience. Enhanced and automated live ops systems will allow for more frequent and diverse events, such as the upcoming Sun and Moon Event planned for June 19th. Game improvements will introduce features centered around clans and cooperative gameplay to enhance the player experience and community engagement.

“We have reached 3 million downloads, but this is just the beginning. The full potential of Million Lords is to reach 100 million downloads,” Benoit Ducrest added. “We plan to continuously improve the game and accelerate our marketing efforts to exceed a billion dollar lifetime revenue with Million Lords”.