The Spring Festival is coming, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature! In May, birds singing, bees buzzing and swords clashing will echo in a joyous harmony in the Three Lands:

  • Honey, the liquid gold of the Three Lands, gives New colors to the Map.
  • A new currency: collect Honey Crystals and spend them in a special shop.
  • Two Exclusive City Skins: one skin will symbolize opulence with honey as a mark of prosperity and mastery over nature, meanwhile, the other skin will evoke the remnants of a once magnificent city with memories of the past overshadowed by nature reclaiming its dominance.
  • Collect more Gold with your expeditions, map bonuses, and Prosperous skill points!
  • Golden Dominion Contest: can you hold onto enough gold to be the richest Lords of the Three Lands?

→ from 2 May to 29 may