Lords, here’s a new opportunity to get prizes!

We’re launching a new rating challenge, are you up to the task?!

What is it, exactly?
It’s a community call to rate the game and give your opinion. If we collect enough feedback, all the players are rewarded!

You have two thresholds to reach in order to claim all the rewards, with a total objective of 1,000 additional ratings (Playstore + App Store):
-500 additional ratings: 3 speed boosts, 3 cases, 3 chests and 3 jewel boxes
-1,000 additional ratings: the rewards above PLUS 5 speed boosts, 5 cases, 5 chests and 5 jewel boxes!

Progress: 50% completed

PS: only new ratings will count towards the progression of the challenge, but even players who already rated the game will get the rewards.