Update 5.7.0 is ahead! Planned for June 19th, discover what we’re bringing to the game:

Summer Conquest: Sun & Moon
Summer Conquest is our upcoming series of events that will liven up this summer in the Three Lands. It starts with Sun&Moon, taking place between June 19th and July 17th, which will bring you surprises, day and night! A new currency, a special shop, new city skins, surprises… get ready for a month of celestial bliss!

We’re making adjustments to how the Army per hour and Gold per hour values are calculated. It will impact clan quests, clan gifts, gameplay events and rewards from expeditions and the calendar.

We also worked to tackle nasty bugs and improve your experience. You should no longer be impacted by:
-Map props not loading properly until you touch the screen.
-A notification red pill could appear on the interface on its own, without any active event.
-Some devices had issues with notifications.

We also continuously improve the game between updates, pushing improvements and bug fixes that do not require a client update.

Thank you for your support!