Our expedition came back with the update 5.6 and many bug fixes! They will help improve your experience in the game.
Find below the list of all the issues solved:

Interface & Notifications
-Notification issues with some devices
-Clan panel notification issue
-Notification red dot displayed incorrectly
-Unscooted cities displayed “0.00M’ instead of “?”

Gameplay mechanics
-Scoot information disappearing after a game restart
-Issue with the starting time of the Watcher’s protection

Season and leaderboards
-Scoot information disappearing after a game restart
-Problems with the refresh of the Valor Points leaderboard during the season.
-At the start of the season, the Valor Points leaderboard displayed incorrect values until players logged in for the first time.

Performance and technical issues
-Issues preventing the completion of the tutorial
-The wrong error message was displayed when trying to scoot with a city with no troops in it.
-Council Pass subscribers still had ads in the game.
-End-of-season cooldown desynchronization between the server and some devices.
-Performance issues linked with clan chat messages.
-Map not displaying props before a first touch on the screen.
-Error displayed when collecting too many items of the same rarity after an expedition or a chest opening.

The update also contains some back-end updates needed to keep the game operating normally.

Thank you for your support!