Lords, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and its first gift is update 5.4.0. Find below the details of what it brings:

It’s Christmas time in the Three Lands! Come enjoy the festivities! You’ll find more information in the dedicated category on the server.

-Temple movements and other clan notifications now have a dedicated tab to keep the clan chat clean.
-Players becoming AFK keep their rank on the leaderboard and will be promoted or demoted to the right league instead of staying in the current one.
-Game optimisation for better performances.
-Your attack panel toggle settings carry on to your future attacks. If you activate a troop speed-up, it will remain activated for all your other moves until turned off.
-Several interface improvements

-Clan invitation and tab issues solved.
-Inventory items now refresh correctly and do not require a restart to display the correct amount.
-Fixed an issue that prevented you from relaunching an expedition right after resurrecting your Adventurer.
-Your leaderboard rank now displays correctly on your profile page.
-Legend players who claim the 1st place will now receive the proper amount of gems at the start of the next season.
-Other bug fixes.

Thank you for your support!