Happy new year, Lords!
Discover what brings update 5.4.3, the first of 2024:

-You can no longer achieve a negative count of Speed Boosts.
-Fixed a bug that prevented some players from loading the map entirely.
-The Weapon Master should no longer change the items in your presets unexpectedly when obtaining new equipment.
-You will now correctly see the list of your clan members
-Clan leaders will now be able to remove players’ applications.

-The link to the ToS has been updated
-Chain of connection: the loading screen now displays information about the different connection steps. It will help you (and us) pinpoint more accurately loading issues. We’re progressively rolling out this feature, which is for now only available to a small percentage of Android users. Global release might come as soon as next season.

The team has worked on the optimisation of our back-end process (the bits that you don’t see but make the game run more smoothly!).

Thank you for your support!