Lord, the game gets better with update 5.3:

Halloween Season
The spooky events continue, enjoy the thrill and the rewards! Get the will-o-wisps :willowisp: on the map, with your gift clans or with your expeditions and browse the special shop. Take a look at the exclusive skin!
Changes this season
-Brave stat base is no longer boosted to 50%
-Fearless stat base is boosted to 50%
-Brave & Fearless stat can be maxed to 90% (up from 75%)
-Grim Reaper leaderboard: kill the most units to win rewards!

-The attack panel is improved and brings additional information. You can now trigger a notification for a special attack and use your speed boosts directly from the panel. It will also bring you a better visibility on different elements (advisors, debuffs…).

-The game will now display a warning when your device connectivity is facing issues.
-The cooldown of the Commander’s multi-scout has been increased.
-Other small improvements.

Thank you for your support!