• Any changes planned with stats? (rusher, fearless, brave…)

At the moment we are satisfied with the stats and their balance. To keep the game fun in the long run, it’s important to get a feeling of progression, increasing your power and speed, season after season. Regarding the Brave and Fearless cap (75% in Legend, 90% in other leagues), we stand by the results of our recent survey, which showed general satisfaction with the current stage.

  • Any news about the studio and its plans for the future?

At Million Victories, we are about 30+ passionate people working across different departments (development, art, support, marketing, QA…). We are always improving our processes and working hard to make sure you have the best experience possible in the Three Lands. Regarding what is coming for the game: more seasonal events throughout the year! We also have features planned, but they will not be released before thorough tests have been conducted.

  • Optimisation and battery saving

We always have performance in mind when developing the game, regardless of the device you might use. We have already integrated a saving mode that reduces FPS and helps save battery life (button available in the settings).

  • Suggestions

As always, we’re very grateful for all the creativity you bring to every Assemblies! Although not all suggestions can be realistically addressed now, they have all been shared with our Game Designer and will fuel his ambitions and plans for the future of the game!


We will continue to rely on your feedback as a community in the future, so stay tuned for upcoming surveys!