• General insight

Our goal is to continuously improve the game by reducing bugs, enhancing stability, adding more effects, increasing artistic elements, and providing better visual feedback. To achieve this, we are reorganizing our priorities to optimize and improve all aspects of the game. Some plans have been postponed to ensure the game maintains satisfactory quality.

Million Lords is designed to be a simplified strategy game, emphasizing battles and strategic decisions over resource and troop management. The difficulty of gameplay events is intended to be challenging, ensuring they are not something players can achieve easily every time.

  • A bit of game knowledge

There are two separate Bronze leagues: Bronze 0 and Bronze 1. Players spend 3 to 4 weeks in these leagues, depending on when they join. We have implemented new mini-events accessible after at least a week in the game to help players understand their impact before ranking up to Silver.

Once you rank up, you can drop no more than one league—Legends cannot drop back to Platinum or lower leagues.

We adjusted how the Army per hour and Gold per hour values are calculated. They are now based on city production (without the skill points bonuses), not on your Valor Points.

  • Current Project

We are experimenting with a new pace for our events to test various ideas and potentially implement some permanently. The shop is being reworked to include new bundles and updated skins with names, descriptions, rarity, and availability.

  • Futur projects

We plan to enhance the social aspects of the game with new features for clans, private messaging, and ally interactions. Additionally, we aim to balance metrics in the skill tree, such as improving the Prosperous Strength. We are also reflecting on adding features like clan structures, world bosses, and strategic points like temples exclusively for clans.

  • Support improvement

We’ve significantly reduced the number of support tickets in the queue over the last month, cutting them by 75%. Consequently, we’ve seen a great improvement in the average response time. Our ultimate goal for support is to achieve an average response time of 48 to 72 hours.


We will continue to rely on your feedback as a community in the future, so stay tuned for upcoming surveys!