If the game has grown so much over the years, it’s definitely thanks to you. Your passion for Million Lords has been our driving force, and we want to give back to those who enjoy creating content about the game and show our support.

Introducing Community Highlight
Community Highlight is about sharing the content made by the community to the community. It’s the opportunity to regularly showcase your videos, Lords, from chests unboxing, strategy insights or whatever is on your mind about the game.
The featured video will be picked out randomly, so everyone has a chance to get featured!

If you’re a viewer, it’s the chance to discover new content made by others and learn new stuff. Share your tips and your feedback to help the creators!
If you’re a creator, you will get the occasion to reach a new audience, get constructive input and come up with better content.

Have a look at look at our first highlighted video! We count on you to show the creator your full support!