🎉Celebrating 4 years of Million Lords!🎉

It’s already been four years since our beloved game was officially released.
We could witness the growth of the team along with the evolution of the game, and it’s such a nice feeling. 🥳

During these four years, Million Lords progressively attracted more and more players, building a diverse international audience. We managed to make the right changes that consolidated our player base while we expanded in new countries. 🌍

We recently passed the 2-million download mark, confirming strategy game fans share our enthusiasm for our unique game and rewarding the team’s continuous hard work. 💪
➡️Every day, nearly 20,000 players gather to pursue their conquest and reach the top of the leaderboard: 20x more than when we started! 🤩

The future holds even greater adventures, with many ideas to make the game even more entertaining.
We can’t wait to share them with everyone!